Issue cards to OEM Pays

Be able to issue cards to any OEM Pay and let your customers pay with popular mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, Fitbit Pay or Samsung Pay. We can help you to digitize your entire card portfolio for all major card schemes, and make them ready for any OEM Pay selected by the bank.

Payment-enable your own bank app

Enable the mobile bank app with wallet functionalities and make your customers able to pay with the app in-store. Create digital cards from Visa, Mastercard, and American Express within minutes and issue them instantly to the app. Your customers will be able to use their cards immediately without having to wait for the arrival of a physical card.

Enable SRC for tokenized and secure payments

Secure Remote Commerce (SRC) is the next step in eCommerce that will enhance both security and user experience in online shopping. We can help you enable SRC by providing a single connection to all token service providers from the major card schemes to support SRC tokenization and provisioning.

Give customers control from the mobile bank app

Tokenization has become the new and modern standard to secure, provision and store card data to mobile, IoT devices and online merchants. Give your customers the ability to do push provisioning, and let them keep control and manage tokens across multiple card schemes right from the online bank or mobile app.


  • Trusted advisor of digital payments solutions
  • Certified vendor of Mastercard, Visa and American Express
  • Single integration point for all major card schemes
  • Pricing model facilitating growth
  • Easy onboarding and working wallet in three months

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