A warm welcome to Hansa Andersson as a part of team MeaWallet!

Hansa has just recently joined MeaWallet as VP sales, responsible for our sales and go-to-market activities, and we look forward to working with him. In this post, you can read about Hansa’s career, why he ended up with us, and what triggers him to push on.

“I’ve spent all my career up until now in IT industry giants as IBM, Oracle, and Accenture where I’ve held various of positions, from sales representative to industry director – but I’ve always had the fantastic opportunity to focus on the same issue – innovation.

To be allowed spending time thinking about how technology can be used to drive changes, improvements and simplification have been a blessing for my curious character. I’m absolutely thrilled by how technology changes our society, and how quickly we as consumers and social beings adapt to every technology frontier and allow it to affect our lives.

Perhaps strangely enough, as a person I’m equally drawn to the simpler aspects of life – I’m rather more a humanist than a technologist – enjoy reading and the outdoors, the company of other people and the influences of new ideas and perspectives.  

Over the past 8 years, I’ve held international senior positions in core industry strategy organizations of my companies. This has allowed me to meet customers all across EMEA and gather experience and ideas from many situations. I have brought all the experiences back to our organization to tailor our solutions, go-to-market approaches, and value propositions. This has made me expand my understanding of industry issues and what really matters. The highlights of my career have perhaps been to be able to influence innovation at many customers.

I’ve actually never worked in an organization with less than 150.000 employees. To learn the ropes of a fast-moving startup business, the passion of the colleagues and the created solutions, as well as the very pragmatic hands-on work to bring all ambitions and dreams to life, is a fantastic opportunity. For me, on a personal level, this really inspires me to get up in the morning for a new day!”

If you would like to know more about Hansa or have a chat, you can reach him on LinkedIn or by e-mail: hansa.andersson@meawallet.com.