CASE STUDY: Successful security evaluation according to the EMVCo SBMP Evaluation Process

Successful security evaluation according to the EMVCo SBMP Evaluation Process

As a company with many years of experience in the payment industry, MeaWallet knows the challenges of the sector quite well. For this reason, the digital payments enabler had its Mea Token Platform Software Development Kit (MTP-SDK) tested by TÜViT against the EMVCo SBMP security standards.



MeaWallet has developed the Mea Token Platform Software Development Kit (MTP-SDK), a new SDK solution for software-based mobile payment. In order to successfully launch and establish their solution on the market and to build trust, the company wanted to objectively prove its security and robustness. Therefore, MeaWallet commissioned TÜViT with a security evaluation according to the EMVCo SBMP evaluation process.


Product tested:

With the MTP-SDK, MeaWallet enables the securing of Mobile Payment Applications (MPA) in real world scenarios. It allows MPA developers and vendors who use MeaWallet‘s MTP-SDK to use Cloud Based Payments, including contactless and remote payments.



Technical challenge:
Mobile Payment Applications (MPA) must ensure secure payment services without the help of dedicated Hardware Security Modules (HSM) or Secure Elements (SE). In this context, they must implement a variety of software defenses to counter the numerous attack paths that a malicious actor could use to hack the MPAs and thus the security of the payment system.

Market access challenge:
Payment providers, e.g. credit card companies, require evidence of security of payment solutions in order to protect their brands from damage due to security breaches. As a result, the proof of a payment application‘s security becomes a decisive market entry factor.

Marketing challenge:
The payment industry is trust driven, i.e. success can only be achieved if customers trust the payment providers, payment systems and MPAs. Companies are therefore faced with the challenge of communicating and proving the trustworthiness of their products to the outside world.



A security evaluation according to the EMVCo SBMP Evaluation Process provides the solution to all three of the previously listed challenges. During a security evaluation, the product vendor‘s solution, in this case MeaWallet‘s MTP SDK, is thoroughly reviewed (Documentation Review, Source Code Review) and penetration testing is performed. This ensures that the product provider‘s technical solutions are sufficient and work as expected. Once the security evaluation has been successfully completed, an evaluation report is delivered to EMVCo, who in turn issues a Security Evaluation Certificate. This certificate allows entering the payment market and shows to potential customers that the product is trustworthy.



  • Objective proof of compliance with SBMP security standards
  • Increased trust in the market due to the confirmed security and robustness of the MTP-SDK
  • Possibility to cooperate with major payment providers such as VISA and MasterCard as a result of the demonstrated security
  • Competitive advantage for MeaWallet by differentiating from other non-evaluated or non-certified competitors
  • International recognition of the evaluation and certification, as it is based on the international standard EMVCo
  • Increased product visibility by placement in the publicly visible EMVCo Evaluated Products list after a successful evaluation



By performing an EMVCo SBMP Security Evaluation by TÜViT, MeaWallet is able to assure to payment providers, as well as their own customers, a high level of security and maturity regarding their MTP-SDK product. This helps MeaWallet differentiate their products from non-evaluated or non-certified competitors products, and enables them to work with major payment providers such as VISA and MasterCard.


Full Case Study here



MeaWallet acquires BankLaunch

MeaWallet acquires BankLaunch

After more than a year in development and several strategic partnerships, BankLaunch platform has been acquired by MeaWallet and will power the upcoming MeaPay product launch.

”We are proud to announce our acquisition of BankLaunch. The synergies between our companies has been clear since our initial partnership, and the resources and people in BankLaunch will bolster our tech and overall tea, in a time where speed to market is crucial” says Nuno Sitima CEO of MeaWallet.

MeaPay is a revolutionary payment processing system enabling merchants to accept card payments using off the shelf Android smartphones and its built-in Near Field Communication (NFC) chip. The technology will radically change the payment experience worldwide in upcoming years. Smartphone based POS Terminals, also called SoftPOS, will replace traditional and mobile versions in many industries, and especially in the SME segment. SoftPOS terminals offer lower cost of ownership and maintenance, and can be enabled within a few minutes. Right now several vendors are competing to get similar solutions to market faster and in better shape. This initiative is supported by VISA and MasterCard.

What is BankLaunch?

BankLaunch is a digital platform used to create the FinTech solutions. It provides an alternative strategy to the off-the-shelf SaaS often used in the industry. It’s a mixed approach, in which development and consulting is provided with custom coding. Instead of starting from scratch, the platform uses modules, that are adopted for each use-case. It has developed white-label core banking solutions, launched peer-to-peer crowdfunding networks, cross-border remittances, credit card solutions, AML compliance tools and more.

What is MeaWallet?

MeaWallet is a multinational corporation based in Oslo (Norway). Employees of the company reside in six countries and represent more than 10 nationalities. MeaWallet has more than 85 customers in 30 countries. MeaWallet is an organisation with a mix of industry veterans and young, entrepreneurial spirits. This combination has proven to be unique and valuable, and has generated proven results with customers, partners and in the FinTech industry in general.MeaWallet’s existing service (Mea Token Platform) offering is a suite of APIs that allows digital payments for FinTechs, issuers, acquirers, and PSPs globally by enabling card tokenization, mobile contactless payment acceptance and related services. MeaWallet is cooperating with Mastercard Engage, Visa Ready and American Express GNS as partners.

How will MeaPay work?

Use of MeaPay is going to be simple yet very convenient. Transactions can be made following these few steps:

  1. Customer pays to merchant’s Android device with contactless tap-on-phone technology
  2. Card Issuer asks for a PIN as soon as the merchant reaches his transaction limit
  3. The customer enters the PIN on the screen, and the transaction is complete



Simplicity of this technology is the reason why it will change the payment experience worldwide in the next few years. We will see the product launch on the selected markets early 2022. And as BankLaunch managing director Dmitry Buzdin has mentioned: “This is a really exciting opportunity to launch a groundbreaking product based on a solid foundation of the BankLaunch platform.” Also as a part of the partnership deal Dmitry Buzdin, and the current development team is joining MeaPay to continue work on the platform and deliver it to a wider audience.

Getting the IP and people from BankLaunch into the MeaPay organization, has boosted MeaWallet´s existing tech and talent pool. The company has been growing exponentially in the last few months, hiring 22 new employees so far this year, and in addition to the 20+ positions planned to be filled before the end of the year. If you want to join the future of payments, and be part of our fast growing business. Check out our career page here

Over half the world’s population will use mobile wallets by 2025, says Boku study

Over half the world’s population will use mobile wallets by 2025, says Boku study

More than one in two people will use a mobile wallet by 2025, as cash is increasingly displaced, finds a study from mobile payments company, Boku. This equates to an increase of 2.7 to 4.8 billion wallets in use globally in the next four years.

Leading the way in this transition is Southeast Asia, with a 25.5% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) and an expected overall growth of 311% in the next five years. The rise in e-commerce, and the dominance of super-apps like Grab and Gojek – particularly in markets such as the Philippines and Indonesia – are just some of the drivers of wallet adoption in this region.

Following closely behind – in areas where wallets are offering access to financial services for the underbanked – is Latin America, and Africa and the Middle East. These two regions are due to expand their usage of mobile wallets by 166% and 147%, respectively, by 2025. In Africa and the Middle East, adoption is being catalysed by the increasing usage of mobile money services, such as M-Pesa, which are offering improved access to e-commerce.

In Western Europe and North America, however, wallet uptake is moving more slowly – at 65% and 50% by 2025, respectively. This is a result of high levels of card penetration and contactless usage at physical points of sale. Nevertheless, markets such as the UK are seeing a spike in card-based mobile wallets, due to the adoption of contactless spurred on by the pandemic. Thanks to shifts like this, Boku predicts that three quarters of Europeans will be using a digital wallet by 2025.

“We are witnessing a paradigm shift in payments driven by mobile wallets,” says Jon Prideaux, CEO at Boku. “Mobile wallets have lowered the barrier to making digital payments and ushered billions of new consumers into e-commerce. These consumers are not in North America or Western Europe, they are in emerging markets, and while they don’t have credit cards, they overwhelmingly have mobile wallets. For global merchants, mobile payment acceptance is not about accepting one type of mobile wallet or another, but ensuring that consumers in every market will have the required selection on payment types in order to monetize transactions.”

Boku’s report follows an eventful week for the mobile wallets sector in Europe, with the merger of Vipps, MobilePay and Pivo as they look to compete against the likes of Alipay, Apple and Google.

Source: finextra



Our toughest man!

Think your company has tough colleagues? We´ve got you beat! Atis Klavis, our Head of Engineering is the toughest guy my a mile. By several miles in fact… Last week he completed the insane Werewolf Marathon in Latvia, a 42km race with a 2000m(!!!) ascent. It has been described as one of the most difficult marathons in Europe. Some of the steepest parts of the trail are just ridiculous. Atis came in at a respectable 21st place out of 88 participants and completed in a little over 6 hours.

“I feel more at home on the longer distances” says Atis. “I used this race more as a warmup to my race in two weeks, where I´ll run 107km for the Ultra-Asphalt marathon going from Riga to Valmiera. But even that is not the highlight for this years running season. I am most excited about participating in the Ultra trail du MontBlanc in August. Its only 56km, but its has 3500m ascent, so it will be a tough race. My focus now is just sticking to my training plan, being disciplined on my dietary intake, and avoid injury so I can make sure I have a good season”.

Needless to say we are immensely impressed by Atis´ endurance, and his incredible discipline. Being able to juggle an intensive competitive training program, a family and his career is, in lack of better words, awesome! We are proud to have you on the team Atis, but none of us would want to run a hundred miles in your shoes…

Meawallet and Universo disrupt the payment space in Portugal

Meawallet and Universo disrupt the payment space in Portugal. The digital transformation partnership was announced in mid 2020, as is set to speed up the adoption of digital payments and digital wallet use for Universo’s massive customer base, and set a new standard in innovate use of payment technology.

“MeaWallet is delighted to announce its recent partnership with Universo. We actively seek out innovative companies that are keen to disrupt the Status Quo, and teaming up with Universo who are well known for pushing aggressively for digital transformation, is a great strategic fit for us” quips Rui Patraquim Senior, Senior Sales Director at Meawallet.

“Working with Meawallet gives us set of functionalities of provisioning and control for our digitalisation of cards and payments. In general terms this cooperation will give our customers the ability to more easily to add and manage their payment cards into digital wallets, like Apple Pay, Google Pay, FitbitPay and GarminPay, and then make cardless payments with your phone or watch” explains Sara Pinto head of Digital Products and Services at Universo.

About MeaWallet: MeaWallet is the centre of excellence within mobile and digital payments and mobile wallets, providing state of the art certified technology in 20+ countries. As one of Europe’s leading companies within mobile payments, MeaWallet provide customers with a short time to market with high-quality products. In  close  relationship  with  Amex,  Mastercard,  Visa,  NXP  and  other  key organizations, MeaWallet are at the forefront of the mobile payments space.

About Universo: Universo is a trademark belonging to Sonae FS, the Sonae Group business unit responsible for fostering and coordinate the financial services, in-store credit and insurance services of the group’s customers. It includes the “Universo” credit card, “Dá” prepaid cards, Continente Money Transfers, in-store credit services and also the insurance broker MDS.
Sonae Group is a multinational company managing a diversified portfolio of businesses in retail, financial services, technology, shopping centres and telecommunications. Sonae is present across all continents and geographies, gathering a team of talented professionals from all parts of the globe.

Meawallet and Cirilo Ayling SAIC partners up

Meawallet and Cirilo Ayling SAIC partner up to bring new payment technology to Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Cirilo Ayling, leading payment infrastructure provider,  which has been an integral part of the financial institutions backbone in the region for over 60 years, has now teamed up with the Norwegian fin-tech Mewallet to take payment tokenization and new technology to the banking sector in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.

The region has seen an explosion of demand for credit cards, new bank accounts, and digital wallet apps and innovative solutions since the start of the Covid pandemic.

Marcos Ayling, Sales Director at Cirilo Ayling, see this as a positive prospect: “This partnership allows us to add a new layer  of key infrastructure and technology previously unavailable in this market,  allowing faster and better development to all financial players in the field of digital wallets and push provisioning”.

 “We are tremendously excited about working with Cirilo, because of the synergies our cutting-edge tech can create in combination with their network and industry knowledge. The market is a big opportunity, and is ripe for change. We want to help take the region  from cash-first to a digital-payments market.”  say Rui Patraquim, Senior Sales  Director Meawallet.

About Cirilo Ayling SAIC is a leading solution provider in payments, identity and data protection with over 60 years’ experience in the market with presence in Latam Region. Cirilo Ayling is at the forefront of new developments and robust solutions that bring integrity and security to transactions.

About MeaWallet

MeaWallet is the centre of excellence within mobile and digital payments and mobile wallets, providing state of the art certified technology in 20+ countries. As one of Europe’s leading companies within mobile payments, we provide our customers with a short time to market with high-quality products.

In close relationship with Amex, Mastercard, Visa, NXP and other key organizations, we are at the forefront of the mobile payments space. We are an organization with a mix of seasoned and experienced subject matter experts together with young entrepreneurs that constantly challenge the technology. This combination has proven to be unique and given us credit with customers, partners and in the FinTech industry in general.

Learn more about Cirilo Ayling here and Meawallet here.



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Meawallet y Cirilo Ayling SAIC se asocian para llevar nueva tecnología de pago a Argentina, Chile, Paraguay y Uruguay.

Cirilo Ayling, proveedor líder de infraestructura de pago, que ha sido una parte integral de la columna vertebral de las instituciones financieras en la región durante más de 60 años, ahora se ha asociado con la empresa de tecnología Mewallet de Noruega para llevar la tokenización de pagos y las nuevas tecnologías al sector bancario en Argentina, Chile, Paraguay y Uruguay.

Desde el inicio de la pandemia de Covid, la región ha experimentado una explosión de demanda de tarjetas de crédito, nuevas cuentas bancarias y aplicaciones de billetera digital y soluciones innovadoras.

Marcos Ayling, Director de Ventas de Cirilo Ayling, ve esto como una perspectiva positiva: “Esta asociación nos permite agregar una nueva capa de infraestructura y tecnología clave que antes no estaba disponible en este mercado, lo que permite un desarrollo más rápido y mejor para todos los actores financieros en el campo de billeteras digitales y aprovisionamiento bajo demanda".

“Estamos tremendamente emocionados de trabajar con Cirilo, debido a las sinergias que nuestra tecnología de vanguardia puede crear en combinación con su red y el conocimiento de la industria. El mercado es una gran oportunidad y está listo para el cambio. Queremos ayudar a que la región pase del mercado de con un muy alto porcentaje de pagos en efectivo a un mercado de pagos digitales ", dice Rui Patraquim, Director Senior de Ventas de Meawallet.

Acerca de Cirilo Ayling SAIC

Cirilo Ayling es un proveedor líder de soluciones en pagos, identidad y protección de datos con más de 60 años de experiencia en el mercado con presencia en Latam Region. Cirilo Ayling está a la vanguardia de nuevos desarrollos y soluciones robustas que aportan integridad y seguridad a las transacciones.

Acerca de MeaWallet

MeaWallet es el centro de excelencia dentro de los pagos móviles y digitales y las billeteras móviles, que proporciona tecnología certificada de vanguardia en más de 20 países. Como una de las empresas líderes en Europa en pagos móviles, ofrecemos a nuestros clientes productos de alta calidad en un corto tiempo de comercialización.

En estrecha relación con Amex, Mastercard, Visa, NXP y otras organizaciones clave, estamos a la vanguardia del espacio de pagos móviles. Somos una organización con una combinación de expertos en la materia experimentados y experimentados junto con jóvenes emprendedores que desafían constantemente la tecnología. Esta combinación ha demostrado ser única y nos ha dado crédito con los clientes, socios y en la industria FinTech en general.

Obtenga más información sobre Cirilo Ayling aquí y Meawallet aquí.

Meawallet is proud to announce the closing of its pre-series A round.

MeaWallet is proud to announce that last week we closed our pre-series A round of 26 Million NOK ($3 Million). This is an important milestone in MeaWallet’s history following its acquisition by IdeKapital and management in late 2018 and spent the last 2 years growing its product portfolio and customer base. During the last 24 months we grew our recurring revenues by nearly 300% and our customer base grew from 7 to 70. We saw the first projects in Australia and Latin America and we have established 15 reseller/distribution partnerships.


“Today I would describe us as a two-year-old startup, that to inherited a well-developed platform and highly qualified technical team, and we are now raising fresh capital to invest in our new product MeaPay, a software-based contactless point of sale system (SoftPos) that makes it possible for any mobile phone to accept contactless payments – replacing traditional payment terminals”, says Nuno Sitima, CEO MeaWallet.


Rune Holen, partner at Idekapital (the Lead Investor) has great faith in the investment. -The existing business is in itself profitable now, and justifies the valuation as it is today, but if MeaPay develops as we hope, it can be many times better, according to the investor. This is where the fun starts, and we will work hard to make our investors, founders, CEO and colleagues proud. Stay tuned for more updates and learn more about our SoftPos initiative here

MeaWallet is expanding into new regions!

MeaWallet is expanding into new regions!

Our new cooperation with SL Innovation & Solution will now boost digital payments in Latin America. We are grateful to announce that SL Innovation & Solution has choosen us to be their strategic tokenization partner. This cooperation opens an opportunity for MeaWallet to provide digital payment solutions to ALL the customers of SL Innovation & Solution. We will support the coming projects in a list of countries in Latin America where digital payments are starting to gain more traction with the local consumers. This partnership is particularly valuable to MeaWallet, after many years of development, and building relationships with the schemes.

Our tokenisation technology that supports the digital wallets and all other projects related to network tokenisation will now start scaling in Latin America. This is another milestone for Meawallet, as we can now boast that our technology (awarded Platinum Partner of Mastercard) is now used in all time zones of the world(!), starting from Australia right till Latin America. It is a great achievement by the MeaWallet who have managed to develop this platform that allows any organisation to connect on a digital level to the major schemes with minimal effort and without any regional limitations. It looks like 2021 is going to be a year of turbo-fuelled growth!

Get to know SL Innovation & Solutions better

SL Innovation & Solutions arose from the need to present to the Latin America technological solutions that would accelerate the digital transformation in emerging markets. Nowadays with almost a thousand employees SL Innovation & Solutions leave their footprint in all the counties of Latin America starting from Mexico till Argentina. They solve the needs of local innovative organizations primarily by taking advantage of the modern technology. They support their customers with help of their experience of over 5 years bringing intro effective action their relationships in the financial and technological space in the region.

About MeaWallet

MeaWallet is the centre of excellence within mobile and digital payments and mobile wallets, providing state of the art certified technology in 20+ countries. As one of Europe’s leading companies within mobile payments, we provide our customers with a short time to market with high-quality products.

In close relationship with Amex, Mastercard, Visa, NXP and other key organizations, we are at the forefront of the mobile payments space. We are an organization with a mix of seasoned and experienced subject matter experts together with young entrepreneurs that constantly challenge the technology. This combination has proven to be unique and given us credit with customers, partners and in the FinTech industry in general.

Author: Alena Grishcheva

MeaWallet launches MeaPay, a SoftPOS solution offering device freedom to merchants

MeaWallet launches MeaPay, a SoftPOS solution offering device freedom to merchants

This morning I stood in a queue at the local coffee shop. After a few minutes of waiting, it was finally my turn to tap my card to the large payment terminal at the counter. As I waited, I envisioned a different scenario; a scenario in which the staff behind the counter were all equipped with smartphones that could accept my payment, so that multiple staff could help multiple customers at once. The queue would be reduced, the customers happier and the workload more dispersed. But to do this requires breaking the bonds to the traditional payment hardware and instead embracing software point of sale (SoftPOS) technology that can turn any device into a payment terminal.

Meet MeaPay, a new SoftPOS solution from MeaWallet

Today the MeaWallet team announced our latest innovation, MeaPay, the new SoftPOS solution that transforms any Android NFC-enabled device into a contactless payment terminal. It’s an exciting move towards device freedom for retailers, small businesses, independent workers, and service providers, who now have the possibility to accept payments on whatever device suits their needs. 

Over the last six months or so, we’ve experienced the rapid acceleration of contactless payments due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s become an expectation for businesses to offer a zero-touch form of payment, with many shops and restaurants even refusing cash exchange during the crisis. But for many businesses or independent workers, purchasing or leasing the payment hardware is too costly and the device itself is cumbersome. For others, the hardware POS lacks the scalability needed. That’s where MeaPay is changing the game.

MeaPay is designed for integration with apps and third-party software

MeaPay is a contactless acceptance solution provided as a Software Development Kit (SDK) that can easily be integrated with other applications. This makes it possible for MeaPay’s partners to launch stand-alone SoftPOS solutions and for developers to enable contactless acceptance directly into their own apps. A SoftPOS running on Android also enables the connectivity required for any other use case desired: loyalty, eRecipt, integration with accounting systems, and more.

This means, for example, that the payment functionality can be integrated into existing apps for restaurants, bars, taxi, accounting software, or even a simple payment app for service workers such as electricians, allowing them to collect funds on-premises when a job is completed. This is a new era in which small businesses, restaurants, retailers or independent service providers can easily accept contactless payments on off-the-shelf Android devices of their choice.

In addition, MeaPay offers the same level of protection as paying on a physical payment terminal. Customers can still perform the payment with their contactless plastic cards, mobile wallets or wearables. 

Get more out of the payment interaction with customers

Our vision when developing MeaPay has been to positively impact the future of contactless payments. We want to help our customers to expand their offerings, through the integration of the MeaPay SDK, in their existing software. At the same time, we see a future in which MeaPay supports greater engagement between merchant and customer. With the old, physical hardware out of the equation, and the MeaPay software in place, merchants will one day have greater opportunity to offer post-purchase discounts or loyalty cards to their customers, all through the push of a message from device-to-device. 

We believe that the market for MeaPay is growing rapidly. As cash exchanges continue to decline, more and more vendors will need a way to accept payment. This includes the local plumber, the florist, the café owner or the janitor. There’s also potential among the larger retailers, such as a department store, where all employees working the floor are equipped to accept payment. The days of the bulky and expensive payment terminals are numbered; businesses want flexibility and smarter payment solutions. 

It’s time to offer device freedom to your customers. Our team of fintech experts – the bright minds behind MeaWallet – are here to help you integrate MeaPay into your customer offerings.


Please visit:

A Star is Born: EMV SRC Takes the Spotlight

A Star is Born: EMV SRC Takes the Spotlight

EMV SRC may be rising star, but to achieve its potential it’ll need a strong supporting cast, says Lars Sandtorv, CEO, MeaWallet.

With the first implementations of EMVCo’s EMV SRC specification entering the ecosystem, now is the perfect time to ask ‘what is EMV SRC and how will it interact with tokenization?’, not least because the specification has been making waves since its publication in June 2019.

For example, in September 2019, it was announced that the Visa Checkout service would close and that the giant would migrate to a new solution based on the EMV SRC specification in 2020.

Moreover, Mastercard has also begun to talk about the technology and has developed its own offering based on the specification. Additionally, it has publicly endorsed the initiative since the launch of the draft specification in October 2018.

Described by EMVCo as a set of specifications that enable the creation of a ‘virtual payment terminal’, EMV SRC is designed to enhance the e-commerce payment experience and make it as seamless as possible.

More specifically, it defines interfaces to allow for secure exchanges of payment data between participants in the remote commerce environment. Additionally, it accommodates options for using dynamic data, such as cryptograms or other transaction unique data, to enhance the security of payment transactions on a merchant’s SRC-enabled website, mobile app or other e-commerce platform.

So, is this new specification a one stop revolution, or is it best deployed with supporting, established technologies?

Importantly, we also know from EMVCo that EMV SRC is compatible with other technologies including EMV Payment Tokenisation. It says: “EMV® Payment Tokenisation may be used, for example, to restrict usage of a digital card to the remote commerce acceptance channel at a specific merchant.”

In EMVCo’s own words, as taken from the specification itself:


The SRC System can elect to request Payment Tokens from one or more Token Service Providers as part of the overall management of the SRC Profile. As such, the SRC System participates in one or more Token Programmes and can act as a Token Requestor or Token Requestor Aggregator on behalf of one or more Token Requestors. The SRC System supports Token Requests as defined in EMV Payment Tokenisation Specification – Technical Framework and implemented by an enabled TSP(s). The SRC System interfaces with relevant Token Service Providers (TSPs). When the SRC System is acting as a Token Requestor or Token Requestor Aggregator, it is responsible for interfacing and integrating with the appropriate TSP implementation requirements in accordance with the Token Programme(s) policies and processes including the facilitation of the relevant Identification and Verification (ID&V) requirements.

This may sound technical, but sentiment is there:  EMV SRC and tokenization are a natural fit, and consensus suggests that combining both technologies will offer merchants and customers the best outcome.

In fact, Mastercard went as far to state that it believes a seamless shopping experience must also bring in tokenization and advanced authentication as a means of protecting account numbers and reducing fraudulent transactions.

As we learn more about EMV SRC we will be able to discuss further but at this point, we must at least celebrate this as step in the right direction while remembering no technology is an island in of itself.

EMV® is a registered trademark in the U.S. and other countries and an unregistered trademark elsewhere. The EMV® trademark is owned by EMVCo, LLC.



About Meawallet

Our mission at MeaWallet is to help our clients simplify mobile payments and support implementation. Our team is passionate about the subject and continually looking at the evolution and trends in the mobile payments space. We welcome your comments or invite you to get in touch directly with us at 

Photos: ©Mastercard