Enabling the future of digi-payments with Decta & MeaWallet

Today there are a lot of different gadgets that might be used as a payment tool. There are several reasons for that – it is a lot easier to have one device with all the cards and it is more secure to pay. When the card is added to the e-wallet on the device, all of your card data is tokenized, meaning that instead of card details a token (code) is sent to the merchant. Thus, if you pay with an e-wallet, your real card data will be substituted by tokenized data and shared with fewer people. 

Meet MeaWallet – a company that enables payments from any mobile wallet such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, thus increases card usage and improves customer satisfaction. Mea is already connected to the schemes and wallets, which simplifies the process of enabling digital payment for their customers. The integration process is simple since MeaWallet is a certified vendor of Mastercard, Visa and Amex.

DECTA’s provided payment processing services are enhanced by MeaWallet’s hosted solutions. The integration provides the possibility to implement card tokenization functionality (MDES (Mastercard), VTS (Visa)) more quickly and efficiently. Now, due to direct integration between the MeaWallet system and the DECTA payment card solution, the customers who use DECTA as a 3rd party payment processor can easily support several functions. For instance, “in-app push provisioning” for Apple, Google, Samsung Pay allows adding payment cards directly from the mobile app to those wallets. Also, Show Sensitive Card Data in mobile application function which nowadays is a must-have option for payment mobile application.

Santa Kirsbauma, Board Member, Product offering:Tokenization becomes a daily choice for payment methods, and we are happy to partner with MeaWallet. To every business, it is important that such functions are easily accessible and understandable. Their solutions are advanced, but, at the same time, easily integrated into clients account.


Thomas B. Normann, COO and Head of Mea Token Platform:Partnering with DECTA now helps us to broaden and strengthen the reach of our service. With DECTA’s knowledgeable team it was simple to find the perfect solution, since the main values are the same – to provide secure payments, to make it seamlessly understandable for the clients, and find the best-tailored solution for a different type of business.