MeaWallet b.yond partner

MeaWallet is a proud partner of the b.yond consortium, and we are excited to announce the launch of b.yond today. The user-friendly and innovative solutions will revolutionise the way bank innovate, the banking technology, and simplify the processes for banks.

B.yond is a consortium of financial services, all synonymous with innovation and quality, who have come together to deliver the best in cutting edge banking technology. The technological solution delivers a digital banking platform across all devices. You can shape your customer experience with the knowledge that your design will be received as intended, and that your users will have access to LaunchPad on their computer, smart phone or tablet.

The digital banking solution is readily deployable with the agility and speed required in today’s digital world. LaunchPad is designed to keep you in touch with features such as: account load, physical and virtual cards, card control, payments and transfers, tokenization, savings pots and many more features.

It allows you to launch your mobile payment solution with speed to market within 4-8 weeks with a set of out-of-the-box core features and an option to further enhance with specialized vertical add-ons. The system ensures that the customer receives the rich experience you intended them to have, using intuitive interfaces and native design.

In an ever changing and complex environment b.yond is an engine room of innovation with one simple objective… make the complex simple.

MeaWallet contributes with security solutions

As one of Europe’s leading companies within digital payments, MeaWallet provide banks with a short time to market high-quality products, such as the Mea Token Platform which is built for enabling OEM Pays, Secure Remote Commerce and Token Management.

MeaWallet has since the beginning in 2013 focused on EMV payment tokenization. Tokenization within EMV is the new standard, and includes issuers, PSP’s, Gateways, Acquires and Merchant. In December 2018 MeaWallet became the number 1 on Mastercard Digital vendor in the world. b.yond’s focus is to combine the best services from the best vendors, into a combined offer. As one of the best EMV tokenization specialist, MeaWallet is a natural part of b.yond” says Lars Sandtorv, CEO and Head of MeaWallet.

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