Introducing the MeaWallet roadmap!

Have you wanted to be able to look into the future? If so, good news – your wish is granted!

Today, we launched the MeaWallet roadmap, where you can get an overview of what features have been released, which ones we are currently working on, and which ones we plan to implement in the future.

And that is exactly how the navigation is set up. You can select between “released,” “in progress,” “planned,” and “candidate” to see which features are available now and when you can expect important updates to happen.

The features are further sorted by product for your convenience.

You can always click on the different features to bring up a more detailed view, which also includes a function for you to vote on how important the current feature is to you.

Lastly, the “submit idea” button on the top right is a way to tell us what you would like to see added to the roadmap. We’re always happy to get your suggestions!

With that said, we hope you’ll enjoy this glimpse into our inner workings. You can look at our roadmap here – please let us know what you think!