Data Warehouse specialist

16 Jan 2021
Riga / Latvia
Data Analyst

MeaWallet is an IT company developing solutions for mobile contactless payments such as Apple Pay / Google Pay and other “Pays” for banks, issuers, based on the latest standards from international payment schemes such as VISA/Mastercard/Amex.


  • Data analysis, reports, portal, data base structure – information data vs transaction date. Internal and external reports, end user info, Customer info, sales reports and analysis…..
  • Design and implement warehouse database structures.
  • Provide or coordinate troubleshooting support for data warehouses.
  • Prepare functional or technical documentation for data warehouses.
  • Verify the structure, accuracy, or quality of warehouse data.
  • Select methods, techniques, or criteria for data warehousing evaluative procedures.
  • Perform system analysis, data analysis or programming, using a variety of computer languages and procedures.
  • Map data between source systems, data warehouses, and data marts.
  • Develop and implement data extraction procedures from other systems, such as administration, billing, or claims.
  • Create plans, test files, and scripts for data warehouse testing, ranging from unit to integration testing.
  • Develop data warehouse process models, including sourcing, loading, transformation, and extraction.
  • Suggest and implement tools for Reporting and Analysis, Data Propagation and Data Mart build and maintenance. End user tools for Web and mobile.
  • Design, implement, or operate comprehensive data warehouse systems to balance optimization of data access with batch loading and resource utilization factors, according to customer requirements.
  • Follow requirements from international organizations (if relevant) such as PCI, EMV, MasterCard, VISA, others;

Required skills and competencies

  • At least 3-5 years of experience in Data Warehouse processes
  • Experience with any ORM\DB access framework (Hibernate, Spring JDBC, MyBatis, etc), Spring, SOAP, REST, JSON;
  • Experience with IBM WebSphere or JBOSS/WildFly;
  • Experience with MQ servers (especially HornetQ);
  • Experience with applications\servers tuning and code optimization;
  • Experience with common libraries: Google Guava, Apache Commons, etc.
  • Experience with any Testing Mock Framework (JMock, Mockito, PowerMock, etc.).

Personal characteristics

  • Interest in latest technologies and trends in the IT and development world
  • Self-driven team player, who is motivated and open to share knowledge
  • Autonomy and accountability
  • Can adapt quickly to new strategies
  • Strong English skills
  • Demonstrate the flair and passion for the brand


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