Mea Service Portal

Having trouble keeping on top of an ever-increasing amount of tokens? Mea Service Platform helps you manage tokens and gather insight into how they are used and created.

Supercharge your customer service and gain invaluable token-related business insights!

Increase the efficiency of your customer help desk

Manage tokens, analyse data and create reports from the same interface

Easy to use, efficient, and intuitive

Token management, analytics, and reporting made easy

Detailed Token Search

Search and list tokens with extended filters to view their states, devices, and connections

Advanced token intelligence

Gain in-depth information on any issued token, e.g. transaction history, status, lifecycle events, etc.

Quick token management

Easily suspend, resume, delete, update tokens, and reset mobile pins.

Easy user management

Search, add, and edit users, set permissions, and create groups

Visual analytics insights

Create token-related dashboards and reports based on token-related user data for actionable insights

How to get there?

Mea Service Portal is included in your tokenization solution – Getting up and running is simple!

Gain access
Contact your customer success manager to gain admin rights

Set up shop
Create accounts for your organization and manager access.

You’re set!
Now go and analyze and manage those tokens!

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