MeaWallet is expanding into new regions!

Our new cooperation with SL Innovation & Solution will now boost digital payments in Latin America. We are grateful to announce that SL Innovation & Solution has choosen us to be their strategic tokenization partner. This cooperation opens an opportunity for MeaWallet to provide digital payment solutions to ALL the customers of SL Innovation & Solution. We will support the coming projects in a list of countries in Latin America where digital payments are starting to gain more traction with the local consumers. This partnership is particularly valuable to MeaWallet, after many years of development, and building relationships with the schemes.

Our tokenisation technology that supports the digital wallets and all other projects related to network tokenisation will now start scaling in Latin America. This is another milestone for Meawallet, as we can now boast that our technology (awarded Platinum Partner of Mastercard) is now used in all time zones of the world(!), starting from Australia right till Latin America. It is a great achievement by the MeaWallet who have managed to develop this platform that allows any organisation to connect on a digital level to the major schemes with minimal effort and without any regional limitations. It looks like 2021 is going to be a year of turbo-fuelled growth!

Get to know SL Innovation & Solutions better

SL Innovation & Solutions arose from the need to present to the Latin America technological solutions that would accelerate the digital transformation in emerging markets. Nowadays with almost a thousand employees SL Innovation & Solutions leave their footprint in all the counties of Latin America starting from Mexico till Argentina. They solve the needs of local innovative organizations primarily by taking advantage of the modern technology. They support their customers with help of their experience of over 5 years bringing intro effective action their relationships in the financial and technological space in the region.

About MeaWallet

MeaWallet is the centre of excellence within mobile and digital payments and mobile wallets, providing state of the art certified technology in 20+ countries. As one of Europe’s leading companies within mobile payments, we provide our customers with a short time to market with high-quality products.

In close relationship with Amex, Mastercard, Visa, NXP and other key organizations, we are at the forefront of the mobile payments space. We are an organization with a mix of seasoned and experienced subject matter experts together with young entrepreneurs that constantly challenge the technology. This combination has proven to be unique and given us credit with customers, partners and in the FinTech industry in general.

Author: Alena Grishcheva