MeaWallet launches MeaPay, a SoftPOS solution offering device freedom to merchants

This morning I stood in a queue at the local coffee shop. After a few minutes of waiting, it was finally my turn to tap my card to the large payment terminal at the counter. As I waited, I envisioned a different scenario; a scenario in which the staff behind the counter were all equipped with smartphones that could accept my payment, so that multiple staff could help multiple customers at once. The queue would be reduced, the customers happier and the workload more dispersed. But to do this requires breaking the bonds to the traditional payment hardware and instead embracing software point of sale (SoftPOS) technology that can turn any device into a payment terminal.

Meet MeaPay, a new SoftPOS solution from MeaWallet

Today the MeaWallet team announced our latest innovation, MeaPay, the new SoftPOS solution that transforms any Android NFC-enabled device into a contactless payment terminal. It’s an exciting move towards device freedom for retailers, small businesses, independent workers, and service providers, who now have the possibility to accept payments on whatever device suits their needs. 

Over the last six months or so, we’ve experienced the rapid acceleration of contactless payments due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s become an expectation for businesses to offer a zero-touch form of payment, with many shops and restaurants even refusing cash exchange during the crisis. But for many businesses or independent workers, purchasing or leasing the payment hardware is too costly and the device itself is cumbersome. For others, the hardware POS lacks the scalability needed. That’s where MeaPay is changing the game.

MeaPay is designed for integration with apps and third-party software

MeaPay is a contactless acceptance solution provided as a Software Development Kit (SDK) that can easily be integrated with other applications. This makes it possible for MeaPay’s partners to launch stand-alone SoftPOS solutions and for developers to enable contactless acceptance directly into their own apps. A SoftPOS running on Android also enables the connectivity required for any other use case desired: loyalty, eRecipt, integration with accounting systems, and more.

This means, for example, that the payment functionality can be integrated into existing apps for restaurants, bars, taxi, accounting software, or even a simple payment app for service workers such as electricians, allowing them to collect funds on-premises when a job is completed. This is a new era in which small businesses, restaurants, retailers or independent service providers can easily accept contactless payments on off-the-shelf Android devices of their choice.

In addition, MeaPay offers the same level of protection as paying on a physical payment terminal. Customers can still perform the payment with their contactless plastic cards, mobile wallets or wearables. 

Get more out of the payment interaction with customers

Our vision when developing MeaPay has been to positively impact the future of contactless payments. We want to help our customers to expand their offerings, through the integration of the MeaPay SDK, in their existing software. At the same time, we see a future in which MeaPay supports greater engagement between merchant and customer. With the old, physical hardware out of the equation, and the MeaPay software in place, merchants will one day have greater opportunity to offer post-purchase discounts or loyalty cards to their customers, all through the push of a message from device-to-device. 

We believe that the market for MeaPay is growing rapidly. As cash exchanges continue to decline, more and more vendors will need a way to accept payment. This includes the local plumber, the florist, the café owner or the janitor. There’s also potential among the larger retailers, such as a department store, where all employees working the floor are equipped to accept payment. The days of the bulky and expensive payment terminals are numbered; businesses want flexibility and smarter payment solutions. 

It’s time to offer device freedom to your customers. Our team of fintech experts – the bright minds behind MeaWallet – are here to help you integrate MeaPay into your customer offerings.


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