Meapay is enabling SoftPos

Imagine no more payment hassles. Using your own phone as your card-reading POS (Point of Sale). Its cheaper because you don’t need to pay for card-reader POS hardware, AND you always have your POS on you!

This is a perfect match for small businesses. At the café: No more congestion at the counter, when all staff have a POS in their pocket. For the plumber or electrician: no more invoices! As you now have the possibility to take payment as soon as the service is completed. For the customers: no more paying with cash for on-door deliveries when all delivery-drivers have a POS on their phone.  With MeaPay POS there is less paperwork and you and your customers save time and money! Meapay has developed SoftPos: the mobile POS of the future, and we want to give you a little sneak peek of our new app which will be on Google Play soon.