Our tokenization platform just got better!

We have released a new version of our tokenization platform MTP I-TSP (Mea Token Platform Issuer to Token Service Provider, if you were wondering). 

When we set to update our tokenization platform, we wanted to improve on three things: Making it easier and faster to implement, easier to maintain, and letting you do more with less. 

So, let’s have a look at what’s new!

Out-of-the-box On-Behalf-Of rule engine

If you’re wondering what this mouthful of words and hyphens means: Imagine that a cardholder wants to add their payment card to Google Pay or Apple Pay (through a process we call digitization). Whether or not this will be successful will depend on the following decision path. 

  • The digitization request is accepted without additional verification, called the “green path.” 
  • The cardholder is requested to provide additional verification, e.g., an OTP – the “yellow path.”
  • Digitization is denied – the “red path.”

This decision process is automated by a rules engine. Building such a rules engine to work smoothly and reliably can take an intimidating amount of development and testing time, let alone expertise. Our new tokenization platform, I-TSP 2.0, includes this rules engine which is based on industry best practices and years of experience.

Simpler and faster to implement

Entering the world of payment tokenization and mobile wallets isn’t easy. Two of the hurdles include the requirement for specific, relatively niche industry knowledge and the complexity of the underlying software that must constantly evolve along with the security and performance standards of the schemes and market. I-TSP 2.0 addresses these issues.

The APIs are generic and require little to no tokenization knowledge from developers to implement. We also trimmed down the number of APIs from 9 down to 4, the number of calls from 12 down to 7, and the number of fields from 120 down to 28. This streamlining makes the flow and implementation substantially easier to understand and implement correctly. 

Leveraging our established connections with the schemes, we can substantially cut time to market during your tokenization enablement project. You will enter the testing phase with the schemes with a confident team player who has been through it before. 

All the benefits of the earlier version

On top of being a faster, easier, and more complete solution, I-TSP 2.0 offers all the benefits of the earlier version:

  • Enabling mobile wallets, contactless payments, merchant tokenization, and EMV Secure Remote Commerce (SRC)
  • Automatic updates to the latest TSP services and security standards 
  • All major payment schemes and mobile wallets through one integration

What does this mean for you? 

For this version of our tokenization platform, we have been focusing on shortening the time to market and reducing the implementation complexity. So, if you have already implemented our tokenization solution, you won’t have to do anything.

However, if you are looking for a tokenization enabler, we’ll get you there 30% faster than before and up to 70% faster than if you did it from scratch. 

We’ll be happy to provide more details and discuss your tokenization needs. Just click this link, and we’ll get in touch!