Our Solutions

Mea Token Platform

The Mea Token  Platform is built for enabling tokenization, OEM Pays, Secure Remote Commerce and Token Management – all through the same platform. It significantly reduces the complexity, workload, and costs for banks when integrating and implementing digital payment services into their consumer products. The platform supports all major payment schemes and is delivered as a hosted solution in our secure and certified data center in Switzerland.

Facilitates growth

The platform is designed to be flexible and configurable to respond to banks demands for a personalized and customized solution that meets their requirements and growth. Do a pilot project or start small and implement only the services and integrations that are needed. Test and gain experience before adding more through the platform. Grow at your own pace.

Built for innovation

This is a future-proof platform that continually evolves together with the major payment schemes and trends in the market. It is built to facilitate innovation for the bank. To see some of the future concepts we are looking into, head over to our insights page.

Certified and secure

The Mea Token Platform is fully certified and follows security standards and compliance requirements from the global payment schemes. This means you will not only get access to a certified and secure platform but also reduce time to market significantly.

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Mea Merchant Tokenization

Mea Merchant Tokenization connects merchants, PSPs and acquirers to the Mastercard Digital Enablement Service (MDES), the Visa Token Service (VTS) and the American Express Tokenization Service, so they can benefit from each of the globally interoperable and scalable tokenization platforms through a single connection.

MeaWallet Merchant Tokenization conforms to the specifications and requirements of each payment scheme and is delivered as a fully hosted service from MeaWallet’s secure PCI-DSS compliant data center.

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Mea Token Management

Mea Token Management is a solution which enables token push provisioning and control capabilities for consumers through the issuer’s app or website.

It empowers the consumers to keep full control of their tokens (digital cards) that are located at different merchants and digital wallets. Simultaneously it increases traffic to own website or mobile app.

The solution can be delivered as a mobile SDK and API which is easily implemented into a website, Android or iOS app. It provides a single interface for managing and controlling all tokens for multiple card schemes and removes complexities from the card issuer.

Mea Customer Service Portal

The Mea Customer Service Portal works as a single source for the bank to access and manage all token information and functionality across schemes through a simple online user interface.

Look up tokens based on different parameters, update PAN mapping in any token vault and perform token life-cycle management to a specific token. The portal also offers reports and statistics based on token data; follow the total number of active tokens or view successful contactless payments within a given period – all available through one single web portal.