Mea Card Data

Delivers privacy, security, and convenience for issuers who don’t issue physical cards and would like to display cards without touching sensitive data. Allow the user to see full card details through the app or website – while preserving PCI compliance – to use for, e.g., online shopping.

Benefits of Mea Card Data

Provide access to card data without issuing physical cards

Give your customers privacy, security, and convenience

Add functionality to your bank application and increase customer engagement

Features – what else makes Mea Card Data great

Reduce time to market

Accelerate development with our ready-to-implement SDK and comprehensive documentation

Save time and money

Leave updates and maintenance from regulation, policy, and feature changes to us!

Satisfy all needs

Display card data as text as well as card image


Adapt the design to your brand’s look and feel


Deploy on Android, iOS SDK, and Web Widget


Connect with MasterCard, Visa, and American Express

How does it work?

  1. The customer embeds the provided SDK/Web Widget and builds the desired app UI/UX
  2. The SDK includes a method for accepting the card token/card reference value supplied to the issuer from their card management system vendor
  3. The app will trigger the SDK with the relevant sensitive card values upon the cardholder’s request, resulting in a response containing the card data from the card management system.

UX mockup examples

How to get there?

Reach Out
All it takes is an email to get started.

Implement SDKs
Select desired configuration, get access to the SDKs and Web Widgets and start implementing.

Register to get a network TRID
Token Requestor ID (TRID) is used to request network tokens from the payment networks.

Go live
You’re all set!

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