Merchant Tokenization

Mea Merchant Tokenization enables network tokenization for merchants, SRC and card-on-file storage in one solution. Delivered as-a-service through a simple API integration that reduces both workload and complexity of implementing the next level of secure eCommerce.

Key Features

Card-on-file storage for cards not
eligible for network tokenization

Enables merchant tokenization from
MDES, VTS and Amex Token Service

Enable Secure Remote Commerce
(SRC) for secure guest checkout

Why Mea Merchant Tokenization?

The product supports all major payment schemes via a single integration and provides tokenization and card-on-file storage in a single solution, which:

  • Reduce the risk of fraud by tokenizing all supported cards using network tokenization.
  • Guards against the loss in sales that results from out of date card transactions being automatically declined.
  • Stores card-on-file for cards not yet supporting network tokenization, making the solution a complete card storage solution.
  • Enables a wide range of new services for the merchant and consumer based on digital tokens.

Supported Schemes

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