Merchant Tokenization

Mea Merchant Tokenization is a platform for Merchants and Payment Service Providers (PSPs) seeking to enable and manage network tokenization, the latest EMVco standard that brings higher security and increased approval rates to eCommerce card payments.

Benefits of Network Tokenization

High approval rates – network tokens have higher
visibility and assurance level with the issuer

Increased Security for all transactions
as well as increased storage (“on file”) security

Improved User Experience – No more expired
cards on file; tokens are automatically kept up to date 

Why Mea Merchant Tokenization?

The solution enables network tokenization for Merchants and PSPs, supporting all major payment networks through a single interface. Achieve fast and simplified enablement with reduced development and maintenance effort by utilizing a pre-certified platform that comes fully integrated towards the networks’ Token Service Providers (TSPs).

Contact us today if you want to learn more about the platform and how we efficiently can get you up and running, or dive into our scheme agnostic API and try out our sandbox environment to get the experience.

Key Features


Request, store and manage network tokens supporting multiple payment networks


Seamlessly convert cards stored on file to network tokens when BINs becomes eligible


Get updated card information and card art whenever there is an update to the physical card


Supplement any existing Cards-on-File and local tokenization setup


Store any cards not yet ready for network tokenization


Accept and store consumer pushed network tokens


Automatically re-digitize network tokens before they expire and extend their life


Converts card art assets from issuers to a composite image according to design rules. Ready to display on merchant site

Supported Schemes

How to get there?

Reach Out
All it takes is an email to get started.

Implement APIs
Select desired configuration, get access to APIs and start implementing.

Register to get a network TRID
Token Requestor ID (TRID) is used to request network tokens from the payment networks.

Go live
You’re all set!

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