Mea Merchant Tokenization replaces card-on-file storage with tokenized credentials for Mastercard, Visa and Amex payment cards through a single integration. It reduces the risk of fraud while improving acceptance rates of cards that are always up to date.

Key Features

Replaces cards-on-file with
tokenized credentials

Supports Mastercard, Visa and
Amex through a single integration

Improved transaction

Why Mea Merchant Tokenization?

Mea Merchant Tokenization supports all major payment schemes via a single integration and replaces cards-on-file with tokenized credentials, which:

  • Reduces the risk of fraud by replacing sensitive card credentials with a tokenized alternative.
  • Guards against the loss in sales that results from out of date card transactions being automatically declined.
  • Allows consumers to push their cards directly from the bank’s interface to the merchant.

How to get there?

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