Issuer Pay

Simplifies payment functionality for in-store payments by providing a ready-to-implement SDK. Issuers can therefore issue cards directly to mobile apps for immediate use without having to wait for a physical card.

Key Features

Multi-scheme support in
a single connection

Provides a pre-certified mobile payment
SDK that reduces time-to-market

Secure, Compliant
and Certified

Why Mea Token Platform for Issuer Pay?

Issuer Pay gives the opportunities to enrich existing banking app with payment functionality.

  • Enables the issuer to digitize and re-digitize payment cards for use in their own mobile apps.
  • Provides a mobile payment SDK that supports multiple payment schemes through one integration.
  • Enhances customer experience through instant card issuing, enabling consumers to tap&pay immediately and see real-time transaction details using their mobile.

Supported Schemes

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