By enabling payments from any mobile wallet, Mea Token Platform I-TSP increases card usage and improves customer satisfaction. This is enhanced by offering tokenization to issuers and opening new opportunities for the enablement of OEM Pays, Issuer Pay and any other wallet.

Key Features

Secure, compliant
and certified

Multi-scheme and multi-wallet
support via a single connection

Reduces integration complexities
and time-to-market

Why Mea Token Platform I-TSP?

I-TSP is fundament for enabling tokenization, which allows issuers to provide mobile payments through any wallet.

  • Acts as an abstraction between issuers and TSPs.
  • Simplifies and speeds up tokenization enablement.
  • Removes the burden of maintaining solution certification and compliance, managing the necessary changes to ensure products are kept updated.
  • Supports all major payment schemes through one integration, allowing merchant tokenization, EMV Secure Remote Commerce (SRC), Issuer Pay, and enables issuers to tokenize their cards to OEM Pays.

How to get there?

Reach Out
All it takes is an email and
we will assist you

Choose your wallet(s)
Apple Pay, Google Pay,
your own wallet or all

Open project
with the scheme(s) and
wallet(s) of your choice

and implementation,
our experts will help you

Go live
You’re ready to go!