Swedbank launches mobile payments powered by MeaWallet

Mobile payments continue to grow in popularity as this major bank launches tap-and-go payments in their app. Utilizing MeaWallet’s token platform, Swedbank has enabled their clients to perform digital contactless card payments (tap & pay). This news means that Swedbank’s customers can get that “Apple Pay feeling” from their Swedbank app; saving time in checkout lanes at the supermarket or coffee shop.

Swedbank is the biggest bank in the Baltic market and they have 2,0M digitally active users daily. We are very proud that they have selected our technology and services for maintaining and strengthen that position. The HCE technology with MasterCard MDES support is delivered as a managed service, integrating MeaWallet´s tokenization* platform with Swedbank’s mobile banking application. You can download or upgrade the app for Latvia here, Estonia here and Lithuania here. Swedbank is the first live project fully certified on MCBP 2.0.

Payment tokenization is a security technology specified by EMVCo where sensitive card information is replaced with a unique digital identifier called a token. In this way, payments can be processed without exposing card data. Watch this video if you want to learn more about tokenization.

As one of the first vendors globally, MeaWallet has received full approval of the Mea Token Platform and SDK for MCBP 2.0 (Mastercard Cloud Based Payments). To our customers, this means they can enable card digitization and tokenization supporting all the latest features – while they can rest assure that the security, functionality, and performance is in place.

This achievement adds to the list of steps MeaWallet has taken the last months to become a true world leading company in digital payments enablement. In October 2017, Mea was recognized by Mastercard as a Gold level vendor in their Mastercard Engage program. Mastercard Engage helps Mastercard’s customers and other interested parties in identifying technology partners – such as MeaWallet – that can help them translate their digital payments agenda into reality and bring their digital solutions to market easily and quickly.

The technological solution in Swedbank’s application is a product supplied by MeaWallet. It is advantageous to use the Mea Token Platform and Mea’s certified SDK if you want products delivered on time and at budget. Comment from Swedbank confirming this ?? And logo. 

Swedbank adds to the list of banks providing innovative payment services to their users. Another selected customer and partner of Mea, Budapest Bank, has been live with mobile payments since June 2018 and their numbers keep on increasing. At the time of writing the bank has close to 5.500 active cards, a whopping 32 % of eligible users! According to Budapest banks customers, the NFC payments works great and is much appreciated.  

We wish to congratulate our customers on providing the service of digital contactless card payments. We appreciate your opinion – If you have any questions or comments you can direct them to sales@meawallet.com