Webinar video: The Evolution of Payment Cards Tokenization

In this video MeaWallet and Global Processing Services explore the evolution of payment cards tokenization. The introduction of tokenization technology has started a revolution in how we pay and interact with our payment cards. This video will…

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Digital Payments: QR Codes or HCE?

QR Codes or HCE? There are myriad definitions of digital payments, depending on the nature of the payment, and what types of interfaces are involved in the payment process. In this blog post, we will define a digital payment as a cashless payment…

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DSRP – The magic behind those four letters

DSRP - The magic behind those four letters Since you have found the way to this blog post, the assumption is that you already know a bit about the concepts of card tokenization and dynamic cryptograms and how these enhance security within payments.…

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