How tokenization is changing the way we pay

Recent years have shown an increasing shift from traditional card payments to digital payments. A continually growing number of people use mobile phones, wearables, online and in-app payments daily to pay for goods and services. With the huge…

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Digital Payments: QR Codes or HCE?

QR Codes or HCE? There are myriad definitions of digital payments, depending on the nature of the payment, and what types of interfaces are involved in the payment process. In this blog post, we will define a digital payment as a cashless payment…

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The “ninja version” of a mobile wallet?

Converged what? Wallet? The payment market has for some time now been talking about a converged wallet, but what exactly is that? Is it a “ninja version” of a mobile wallet, or is it simply an evolution of a mobile wallet? A few years ago everyone…

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