We are strengthening our delivery team!

We are reorganising to better support customer delivery projects and to adjust our processes to the increasing number of customers. We have extended the team with a new role – Implementation specialists. These amazing colleagues are technical experts in onboarding, troubleshooting and assisting customers with integration topics. We have also started multiple process improvements to automate new customer onboarding steps, to make assistance even easier, and to make the configuration more transparent. Our customer focused team today is made up by:

Explaining the role of a Delivery Manager

What do delivery managers and delivery teams do?

The term delivery manager is used to describe an essential set of skills on an agile team and is used in government as well as other organizations, mainly within (but not limited to) digital departments. It describes the person in a skilled, multidisciplinary team whose is concerned with is enabling that team to deliver value. They do this by creating the right environment for the team to succeed, helping the team to self organize and creating a culture of learning and transparency.

The role is a one of a servant leader, they keep pace with the introduction of relevant agile / lean tools and techniques, and remove obstacles and blockers that might get in the way of delivery. They work closely with the product manager (sometimes known as product owner), but while the product manager is concerned with the vision the delivery manager is concerned with making it happen. The perfect visionary and doer pairing. It’s worth noting that it is important that these two roles are not performed by the same person.

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