The key to project success: trustworthiness 

What are the qualities that make your projects or cooperation successful?

According to the project management theory, the main constraints are time, cost, and quality. But there is always a lot more to it. Trust, reliability, confidence, and safety. I bet these feelings dominate when you think about your most successful projects.

At MeaWallet, we are delivering our digital payments solution to our valued customers, and there is always a degree of challenge with delivery projects. This is especially true when we talk about delivering innovative fintech solutions where customer expectations are way too foggy and the level of knowledge and understanding can dramatically differ from stakeholder to stakeholder, particularly when there is a very limited ability to rely on previous experiences. In part though, that’s because it is an innovation! It’s something new that most of us don’t fully understand yet.

What are the criteria for choosing an implementation partner in such a situation if you don’t even know what exactly to ask for?

Your basic checklist should definitely include checks on previous experience, level of knowledge, sustainability, quality of the proposal, etc. You also have to look into people’s eyes and consider whether you will be able to trust them. Are their eyes sparkling, filled with excitement for their product and a willingness to help? That is also a way you may recognize your partner.

When I joined MeaWallet as a Delivery Project Manager, I was truly amazed at how passionate the people here are about what we do. Starting from product strategy, customer care, development, and compliance, almost everyone, if not all, are knowledgeable about the payment industry, catching every new piece of information that can affect the solution and future trends. When working with customers, we are all ready to roll up our sleeves and get fully engaged, eager to help and offer as much support as possible.

A few of the main qualities customers look for is domain expertise and the ability to get immediate expert help. This increases the chances of success by knowing that the experts will safeguard and prioritize according to the parameters of the initiative and aligned to the innovation and implementation. We, at MeaWallet, understand this and do our best to make the customers’ experience the best we can.

MeaWallet has earned a good reputation based on their experience delivering multiple cloud-based-payment projects. We know the area, including:

    • Parties and stakeholders involved;
    • Processes and artifacts from different angles;
    • Strengths and weaknesses, potential risks;
    • Best practices, how to build the architecture and mobile applications;
  • Future trends.

We feel confident and are happy to proactively support our customers and other involved parties throughout the projects by explaining, teaching, and guiding. That reduces the fear and anxiety that the customer may experience when thrown into the unknown. Even the global payment network giants have recognized MeaWallet as trusted partners. Ask your customers to check.

Globally, cloud payments are no longer a new topic. During the past decade, the area is constantly and quickly changing(History of cloud payments). You have to be really into it to follow trends and be aligned with them. If you don’t, you most probably have missed some innovation and are out of the loop already. You may even have a great digital strategy (Do you have a digital strategy?). But, do you feel comfortable talking about mobile payment architecture, card digitization, tokenization, security, compliance, and mobile payments enablement projects? Are the terms and your understanding clear enough? I bet there is room for improvement. That’s where MeaWallet’s delivery team comes in. Passionate about the product, highly skilled, and with sparkling eyes. 

If customers appreciate the collaboration and end-result they will return, and our customers do. That signals to us a confirmation of trust! We value this a lot.

Our mission at MeaWallet is to help our clients simplify mobile payments and support implementation. Our team is passionate about the subject and continually looking at the evolution and trends in the mobile payments space. We welcome your comments or invite you to get in touch directly with us at